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Grain dryer from first hand
  • Grain dryer from first hand
  • Grain dryer from first hand
  • Grain dryer from first hand
  • Grain dryer from first hand
  • Grain dryer from first hand

Grain dryer from first hand

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Country of manufacture:Turkey
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Grain dryers

The grain dryer is designed for drying cereals, legumes, corn, sunflower, rapeseed, soybeans, rice using a stream of warm air, which is obtained by burning solid or liquid fuel in the burner and is fed under pressure through the grain columns using one or more fans.

- Gas burners of our own production are made of stainless steel with a thickness of 2mm grade 310.

- Heat - resistant burners up to 1300 degrees Celsius

- Natural gas consumption 150 - 200 m3 / h per burner (gas consumption may vary depending on the atmospheric temperature)

- Gas pressure 1 - 2 bar.

- Rotary motors 1500 rpm / min.

- The total electricity consumption is 42 kW. / hour

- Solenoid valves used in gas equipment, brands BURKERT made in Germany

- Aluminum fan blades (brands MULTI - WING made in Denmark)

- Manual valves used in gas equipment, brand KROMSCHRODER made in Germany

- Front and rear load - bearing walls of the structure are made of 5 mm hot - dip galvanized steel

- The total weight of an empty grain dryer is 6.5 tons.

- The outer metal of the dryer (sieve) 1.2 mm thick is made of galvanized steel s355 brand.

- The whole grain dryer is galvanized, except for the painted carrier chassis.

- The control panel works as a temperature control panel.

- The temperature of the drying grain is measured from 30 - and different points.

- The dispensers are made of hot drawn aluminum. Resistant to shock and breakage.

- The controls used in the electrical panel are TELEMECANIQUE made in France

- The circuit breakers used in the electrical panel are SIEMENS

The grain dryer can operate on any type of fuel, including natural or liquefied gas, diesel fuel, steam, etc. , because the heat generator block is structurally separated from the chamber where the heat carrier (hot air) contacts the grain.

Country of manufacture:Turkey
Type:Column (modular)
Principle of drying:Streaming
Method of drying:A mixture of flue gases
Type of fuel:Natural Gas
Method of travel:Stationary
Profile: (ДхШхВ) 6580х2450х4120 mm
Volume of loading: 9500 kg
Productivity: 9.85 kg/h
Information is up-to-date: 12.10.2021

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