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Elevator buckets PREMIUM ML-37X
  • Elevator buckets PREMIUM ML-37X
  • Elevator buckets PREMIUM ML-37X
  • Elevator buckets PREMIUM ML-37X

Elevator buckets PREMIUM ML-37X

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Elevator buckets PREMIUM ML - 37X
HDPE - High Density Polyethylene
Premium bucket elevators are extra strong against abrasion during operation and are highly resistant to breakage due to its flexible structure.
When making ladles, maximum density and pressure is achieved by injection of high density polyethylene and additives that increase hardness.
In manufacturing, opposing characteristics such as flexibility and toughness are combined and brought to the highest performance.
Areas of application
Premium Elevator Buckets are used in many elevators and factories.
Wheat Feed Barley Cereals Rice Sugar Legumes Salt Coffee Soy Corn Hazelnut Brown sugar Bulk feed Oats Sunflower Flour Pellets
Extremely heavy duty, shatterproof, shockproof design suitable for high speed bucket elevators.
Due to its hardened structure and slippery surface, the bucket is more resistant to wear.
that the bucket is hardened against wear it provides high tensile strength due to its 70% elasticity.
HDPE - High Density Polyethylene as a raw material is enriched with special additives that increase the strength of the material and do not break its structure .
ISO 9001 - 2000 ISO9001 - 2200 HACCP Certified for quality and compliance.
Curved shape For better grain loading and unloading
ROUNDED EDGES Maximum impact resistance
FRICTION CHANNELS Thanks to the channels on the bucket, reduced For better picking and unloading of grain, the coefficient of friction
265mm 195mm $ 7.70
PREMIUM elevator buckets
Inside bucket dimensions
Product code INCH A B C E Price
ML - 10X 4x3 95mm 80mm 80mm 5mm $ 1.50
ML - 14X 5x4 140mm 120mm 120mm 5mm $ 1.84
ML - 16X 6x5 158mm 140mm 140mm 5mm $ 2.20
ML - 18X 7x5 180mm 140mm 140mm 5mm $ 2.50
ML - 20X 8x6 200mm 150mm 150mm 5mm $ 2.70
ML - 22X 8.5x6 216mm 155mm 155mm 5mm $ 3.80
ML - 23X 9x5 227mm 136mm 136mm 7mm $ 4.80
ML - 24X 9x7 228mm 175mm 175mm 6mm $ 4.80
ML - 26X 10x7 245 mm 175mm 175mm 7mm $ 6.76
ML - 28X 10x7.5 195mm 7mm
ML - 30X 11x7 303mm 185mm 185mm 10mm $ 14.90
ML - 31X 11x7.5 285mm 200mm 200mm 7mm $ 8.74
ML - 32X 12x7 300mm 200mm 200mm 7,5mm $ 9.60
ML - 33X 12x8 320mm 225mm 225mm 10mm $ 12.96
ML - 34X 13x8 325mm 205mm 205mm 10mm $ 10.30
ML - 35X 14x8 350mm 225mm 225mm 10mm $ 13.56
ML - 37X 15x7 365mm 160mm 160mm 10mm $ 12.60
ML - 38X 15x8 360mm 200mm 200mm 10mm $ 15.36
ML - 40X 16x8 400mm 225mm 225mm 10mm $ 15.80

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